We make progress, not excuses.

How do we make a difference? How do we make the world, or our part of it, a better place?

No doubt you’ve asked yourself these kinds of questions many times before. Asking questions is probably what brought you here today.

We ask ourselves, and our clients, these questions on every project because the need to make a difference is plain for all to see. We don’t have long to slow global warming but as an industry, the built environment has a huge opportunity to make a significant impact — as it does with helping society address its many inequalities.

To achieve this, we need to shift the paradigm.

We need to reshape the built environment so it really benefits people and planet.

Together, we can make progress, not excuses.

The great news is — change is still achievable.

If we grasp the opportunity.

If we choose to develop buildings that don’t contribute carbon to the atmosphere — or better still — remove it.

If we commit to buildings that exceed energy standards and protect biodiversity. If we commit to new ways of working including digital design optimisation, new methods of construction and creative re-use of buildings.

If we use architecture to empower, to stimulate and inspire, to maximise potential and bring people together.

If you want to make a shift, then you’re in the right space.