As the UK’s leading BIM consultancy, BIM Technologies works with some of the UK’s biggest contractors, consultants and private clients.

BIM Technologies was born out of a belief in the potential of data and analysis to change how we plan, design, deliver and manage buildings, leading to better outcomes.

Since 2010 BIM Technologies have been a pioneer of digital construction, developing methods and tools that produce quality, data-driven building models. Breaking down the barriers that exist between design, construction and operations teams, BIM Technologies create a single digital thread that works for everyone at every point.

With BIM Technologies clients can discover the value of the design as a whole, and all parties benefit from the reduction in waste, risk, time, errors and reduction of coordination issues.

Helping players move beyond traditional silos, BIM Technologies connect people to the data that matters most, making building information not only accessible but valuable throughout the entirety of a project’s lifecycle.

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