We look at the whole picture.

We’ll never achieve the shift needed by people and planet if we continue to do things how they have always been done.

Repetition was never part of our plan, so we changed the model and we’ll keep on changing it because the world won’t stop.

That’s why Space Group evolved.

Space Group combines four distinct but symbiotic businesses to deliver a total approach to planning, designing, delivering and operating buildings to achieve better outcomes for people and planet and make a real difference.

Space Group brings together:

We call our all-encompassing approach ‘digital synergy’.

Using digital synergy we connect the building life cycle from design by Space Architects to operation by you.

BIM Technologies ensures the process is informed and driven by data and Bimstore transforms strategy into reality by securing the right components.

We work hard to understand the purpose of each building and what it needs to achieve – whether it be reducing carbon, elevating mood or improving team working and productivity.

In this way, we can ensure purpose is built in and, through Twinview, outcomes can be monitored, measured and action taken to stay on course in real time.