We make a difference for people and planet.

Making that difference goes deeper than the work we do. It’s who we are.

Space Group (or Waring and Netts Partnership as we were originally known) was established in 1957 and we made our name developing social housing and civic buildings.

We’ve continued to develop spaces that improve lives and continue to do so after they’ve been constructed — after all, buildings — in our opinion, are never truly finished. A perfect example is the restoration of Darlington Hippodrome to create more accessible cultural opportunities for all.

We try and make life better for people when and where we can, from funding a breakfast club at Sir Charles Parsons School in Walker, Newcastle, to planting forests in Northumberland and Uganda, as part of our personal shift towards carbon neutral and Net Zero. Our mission to do our bit to achieve an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy has earned us B Corp certification.

Continually striving to improve lives and the planet has required us to continually adapt Space Group — and push for our industry to do the same. It was why we adopted 3D and parametric design early in our history and it was the driving force behind launching Shift Conference.

Most importantly our continual search for better has driven repeated innovations and the creation of our businesses BIM Technologies in 2010, Bimstore in 2011 and Twinview in 2020 — each ahead of the curve but each right for what people and planet need right now.