Chris Smeaton

Associate Principal and Digital Leader at InSite UAE

Chris, with over 16 years of experience, stands as a leader in the digital realm, particularly in the fields of urban development, infrastructure, and engineering. Holding executive positions in firms, his leadership extends from strategic planning to the actual execution of a wide-ranging digital roadmap, making him a central figure in the digitization drive across Asia, the Middle East, and the UK.

Chris Smeaton's presentation at _shift 2023 was on the role of digital twins in enhancing our understanding of data's significance.


Chris’s expertise isn’t confined to theory. From his early days as a leader in BIM adoption in the UK to his present position in the UAE, he's showcased his prowess in BIM, smart city initiatives, information management, and data analytics. Holding certifications like ISO19650 and training from prestigious institutions like MIT Media Lab, Chris has been a consistent driving force behind tech-driven innovations and digital strategies in the AEC industry.


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