Iain Garfield

Director of Estates and Facilities at Newcastle University

Iain Garfield assumed the role of Head of Estate Planning and Development at Newcastle University in January 2016. He eventually became the Director of Estates and Facilities in 2019, overseeing the major capital developments of the University estate and managing the Capital Projects and Estate Planning teams.

One of Iain's most notable accomplishments was his key role in the retrofitting of the Newcastle University Henry Daysh Building (Claremont Complex). This project received high praise from the industry, winning the "Refurbishment of the Year" award, with Newcastle University being recognised as "Client of the Year." 

During his opening remarks, Iain Garfield showcased the SPACE Architects project and venue for the _shift conference, the Henry Daysh Building.

"Working collaboratively, working together and bringing forward new ideas and facing up to new challenges with the joint mindset of we have to achieve this is key to finding solutions."

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