Scott Bush

CTO, Sustainability Lead & Co-founder of Low Carbon Materials

Scott Bush is the founder, CTO, and sustainability lead at Low Carbon Materials (LCM), a start-up developing product-based solutions for the concrete sector in the race to Net-Zero.

He has many years of academic and industrial experience in the UK. Scott has patents in the area of advanced materials and has raised grant funding and private investment upward of £2 million.

He has helped Low Carbon Materials to win numerous awards, including a nomination for The Earthshot Prize. Scott has led the development of LCMs first product, OSTO, a lightweight carbon-negative aggregate for use in concrete blockwork. He also ensures that the company's carbon footprint is measured and that all products being developed are better for the environment.

"It is so important for the world to decarbonise, there is a very big issue with the world right now and that is the climate crisis. We do not have time to wait around to solve these problems, we need to act now."

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