Steve Malkin

CEO and Founder of Planet Mark

Steve Malkin is the founder and CEO of Planet Mark, an internationally recognised sustainability certification for all organisations and real estate, supporting the drive towards a net zero society. With pragmatic optimism and infectious enthusiasm, Steve has inspired organisations of all sizes to build a sustainable, brighter future for us and our planet, for more than a decade. Since its inception in 2013, Planet Mark has led on carbon reduction by measuring its members’ carbon and social data with rigour so its community can report on their progress and initiate their journey to net zero with confidence and authenticity. Partnered with the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign, Planet Mark helps its members to set credible Net Zero Action Plans in line with climate science. Using robust evidence-based methodology, Planet Mark independently verifies and publicly certifies progress. Members elevate their journey from simple carbon reduction to a culture of sustainability so when you see an organisation that is Planet Mark certified, you know they are driving continuous positive change through their actions, people, and reach. Steve started to work in sustainability in 2005 to tackle the climate crisis and has worked with hundreds of businesses across the globe to support them in enhancing their social and environmental impact. Steve is a passionate communicator who mobilises action against climate breakdown, inspires positive change, but acknowledges the reality of the urgency to protect our planet. With the UK government having committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 78 percent by 2035 and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, Steve has always been a true advocate for the role businesses can play in the necessary transition to net zero. Steve has had a critical impact on a plethora of industries and on companies of all sizes, offering expertise on how they can contribute the low carbon transition and unlock the passion of their employees to support the net zero journey. As well as empowering organisations to embrace sustainability, Steve is father to three boys and lives in East Sussex. He has a B.Eng in Civil Engineering having studied at what is now the University of Greenwich.

At _shift 2023, Steve opened by speaking on the inspiration Jonathon Porritt played in his life which led him to make a major career change. He elaborated on this due to a similar moment shared with one of the _shift attendees during the break. He continued, talking about the wonders of working in sustainability, creating moments that ignite passions and steer meaningful change. Steve discussed corporate responsibility, rejecting the notion that ESG is the "fluffy stuff" and that we must refuse to get stuck in despair. Additionally, he spoke of looking beyond net zero, highlighting the need for regenerative business.

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