Tom Bunn

Co-Founder of re:new

Tom is an analyst, engineer and product manager with a background in climate and environmental sustainability. He has over a decade of experience in addressing the challenges the construction sector faces through the use of analysis, intelligence and data. Tom led the development of whole lifecycle emissions reporting software while at Arup, has contributed to industry guidance on lifecycle assessment through LETI and CIBSE, and is the co-founder of re:new - a venture exploring the promotion of circular economy principles within the built environment.

The final panel of _shift 2023 was chaired by Chris Hines and featured two young founders of data-led/analytics-driven companies, Tom Bunn of re:new and Phanos Hadjikyriakou of 2050 Materials. Catherine Sinclair, a Northumbria University KTP Associate and Specialist Net Zero Architect of SPACE Architects, accompanied them. Each spoke on the direction the industry must take and the protocols and policies that must be set out to improve built environment processes. The panellists' insights centred on building a better future through innovative technology, data-driven solutions, and increasing awareness of environmentally friendly alternatives.

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